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Proopalicious: The Greg Proops Community

Greetings all! I'd just like to take a moment to tell everyone about a brand-new community centered solely on Greg Proops called proopalicious. This community is news, information, discussion, and media based. Our goals are to keep you updated with the latest and greatest in the world of the Proopdog, as well as provide you with new Greg-related entertainment, form interesting conversations about his works and life, and foster friendships through our love for Speccy Spice. We'd absolutely love to have you join us! Again, we are called proopalicious! Please check out our profile page for more information and specifics on the community! We hope to see you there!

PS - We were not created to take away from any other community and we respect all of the various Greg-related communities out there. This post has been cross-posted a bit. If this is not allowed, I apologize - no harm was intended!
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