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UK Whose Line?

A friend of mine recently gave me Seasons One and Two of the British "Whose Line?" I'd never seen any episodes from that early. (That's another thing. I know the show was on a long time in England before it was here, but I didn't know it started in '88!) Anyway, I've made it through the first two discs and am almost done with the third one. I'm starting to see why so many people like that version better! First of all, there's the variety. Not only do they have more performers, but they had more games. There was this one called Every Other Line, which I think could be called the predecessor to the U.S's game titled Whose Line?, with a little bit of Two-Line Vocabulary mixed in. In this one there'd be two players. One would have his own lines, but the other would be given some play from which they had to read the lines from. Then someone from the audience would suggest what the last line would be. It's so funny! I also like Authors because it's so fun to see who's going to choose what writing style, and how they'll end up twisting around a different plot line.

Some of the performers on that version are just too great! My favorite is probably John Sessions. He's especially great at Authors because he usuall chooses some classics writer and totally nails their style. Another one I really like is this little blond guy named Jimmy whose last name starts with an M. I want to say Mulville or something like that. He's just really random and fun. At this point I've seen some of Greg Proops's and Ryan Stiles's earliest performances. It's just so weird to see them looking so young! Ryan has this buzz cut-mullet thing going on. I also saw Greg in a skeleton shirt that was all kinds of kooky.

Just thought I'd share. :D
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