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Whose Line Is It Anyway suggestions

A couple of friends of mine are going to be doing our own version of Whose Line Is It Anyway tomorrow after and I came up with some suggestions for "Weird Newscasters" and "Let's Make a Date." If you would like to add your own to the list that we could use, that would be awesome. I will be tape it also to I'll put it online for you guys to enjoy next week (or hopefully sooner...who knows). Here are my suggestions:
Weird Newscasters Suggestion #1:
Co-Anchor is in love with the anchor
Sports castor is in the advertising business
Weatherman is the best man at a wedding

Weird Newscasters suggestions #2
Co- Anchor is a rambling teenager who just won’t shut up
Sports castor is a drunken mule
Weatherman is trying to find his way back home

Weird Newscasters suggestion #3
Co-Anchor talks on the phone a lot
Sports castor is a football fan
Weatherman is a depressed prince charming

Let’s make a date suggestion #1
Bachelor #1 is annoyed at all the contestants
Bachelor #2 works at a Dairy Queen
Bachelor #3 is an actor who thinks he’s better than everyone else

Let’s make a date suggestion #2
Bachelor #1 finds the other contestants irresistible
Bachelor #2 is a dinosaur
Bachelor #3 is Sean Connery

Let’s make a date suggestion #3
Bachelor #1 is an advertiser who works for Burger King
Bachelor #2 is a bee
Bachelor #3 is a talking fish
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