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Whose Line DVD News! [13 Jun 2009|07:04pm]

There's a new Whose Line dvd out in case there are fans that weren't aware. It's a Best Of compilation and was released 4 days ago. Might be worth buying since it's under $20.
Available here at amazon.

Also good news for fellow Australians! They released season 1 here a few days ago. I happened to spot it by complete accident when I was at a video store. :)

It's roughly $35 - $40 and includes all the episodes from season 1. Not the dodgy volume 1, volume 2 they had released in America.

No news if there will be any more releases of the US dvd outside America.

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Again [08 May 2009|06:18pm]

Once again, I need help finding an episode.  Not even google has helped me find this one.  I'm looking for the US episode where (during scenes from a hat, I believe) Colin screams out "goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!" for now reason.

Need help finding a particular episode [07 May 2009|07:51am]

I need it for a project.  From the American version, it has a game of themed restaurant where the theme is Spielberg movies.  Can anyone help?
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BRING ME YOUR WHOSE LINE GIFS! [11 Mar 2009|04:57pm]


Any and all Whose Line gifs!
(Ya know, the ones that move!)
I wanna see em' please!

I'm looking to download ANY Who's Line season/episodes. [25 Feb 2009|04:44pm]

I need help!
I'd like to put some Whose Line? (UK or US) on my iPod,
but I need a source/link/place from where I can download them!
I know all episodes are on youtube, but converting and such takes so long.
Anyone have them uploaded from the DVDs, ect? 
(uncencored would be AWESOME, but i'm not picky.)
Perhaps a season or some episodes I can download from Mediafire, ect.? Please?
Thanks in advance!

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*click*...one thousand points...*click* [06 Feb 2009|12:59am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, all, I'm new here. Just love the U.S. version of Whose Line. I was wondering if anybody had a clip from the episode where Drew had a tape recording of him saying "One thousand points". The part where Wayne recorded over it saying "My ass my ass my ass....", then Drew plays it and just looks at it like, "WTF?". That's probably my favorite moment.

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A strange request, but... [03 Feb 2009|08:51pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Can someone please tell me the episode number for the episode of WL when Ryan went nuts over "Tapioca"? It's kind of random, I know, but I really need to know it! Looking through IMDB would take too long, and YouTube wasn't much help, either.

If anyone could tell me this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Party Quirks? [09 Nov 2008|04:13pm]

I've been looking for a clip of this for ages...it's one of the Party Quirks, in which Greg is the host and Colin is the life cycle of a fishstick. Anyone know if I can find this online?
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Proopalicious: The Greg Proops Community [05 Sep 2008|11:36am]

[ mood | busy ]

Greetings all! I'd just like to take a moment to tell everyone about a brand-new community centered solely on Greg Proops called proopalicious. This community is news, information, discussion, and media based. Our goals are to keep you updated with the latest and greatest in the world of the Proopdog, as well as provide you with new Greg-related entertainment, form interesting conversations about his works and life, and foster friendships through our love for Speccy Spice. We'd absolutely love to have you join us! Again, we are called proopalicious! Please check out our profile page for more information and specifics on the community! We hope to see you there!

PS - We were not created to take away from any other community and we respect all of the various Greg-related communities out there. This post has been cross-posted a bit. If this is not allowed, I apologize - no harm was intended!

Whose Line Is It Anyway suggestions [23 Apr 2008|01:10pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

A couple of friends of mine are going to be doing our own version of Whose Line Is It Anyway tomorrow after and I came up with some suggestions for "Weird Newscasters" and "Let's Make a Date." If you would like to add your own to the list that we could use, that would be awesome. I will be tape it also to I'll put it online for you guys to enjoy next week (or hopefully sooner...who knows). Here are my suggestions:
Weird Newscasters Suggestion #1:
Co-Anchor is in love with the anchor
Sports castor is in the advertising business
Weatherman is the best man at a wedding

Weird Newscasters suggestions #2
Co- Anchor is a rambling teenager who just won’t shut up
Sports castor is a drunken mule
Weatherman is trying to find his way back home

Weird Newscasters suggestion #3
Co-Anchor talks on the phone a lot
Sports castor is a football fan
Weatherman is a depressed prince charming

Let’s make a date suggestion #1
Bachelor #1 is annoyed at all the contestants
Bachelor #2 works at a Dairy Queen
Bachelor #3 is an actor who thinks he’s better than everyone else

Let’s make a date suggestion #2
Bachelor #1 finds the other contestants irresistible
Bachelor #2 is a dinosaur
Bachelor #3 is Sean Connery

Let’s make a date suggestion #3
Bachelor #1 is an advertiser who works for Burger King
Bachelor #2 is a bee
Bachelor #3 is a talking fish

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Question [23 Apr 2008|04:10am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

What is your favorite hoedown? This is mine:

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The Arctic Tern says... [02 Apr 2008|10:54am]

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[02 Apr 2008|10:15am]
no one posts here, and I can't seem to get to the community info :-(
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Btw [27 Dec 2007|08:09pm]
The pictures for the wallpaper were from http://www.ryan-stiles.net
I know I'll get flamed if I don't credit... :O

First Wallpaper.. :S [27 Dec 2007|07:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Here's my first wallpaper... excuse the rubbish-ness it was made in 10 mins.. XD

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UK Whose Line? [04 Oct 2007|12:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

A friend of mine recently gave me Seasons One and Two of the British "Whose Line?" I'd never seen any episodes from that early. (That's another thing. I know the show was on a long time in England before it was here, but I didn't know it started in '88!) Anyway, I've made it through the first two discs and am almost done with the third one. I'm starting to see why so many people like that version better! First of all, there's the variety. Not only do they have more performers, but they had more games. There was this one called Every Other Line, which I think could be called the predecessor to the U.S's game titled Whose Line?, with a little bit of Two-Line Vocabulary mixed in. In this one there'd be two players. One would have his own lines, but the other would be given some play from which they had to read the lines from. Then someone from the audience would suggest what the last line would be. It's so funny! I also like Authors because it's so fun to see who's going to choose what writing style, and how they'll end up twisting around a different plot line.

Some of the performers on that version are just too great! My favorite is probably John Sessions. He's especially great at Authors because he usuall chooses some classics writer and totally nails their style. Another one I really like is this little blond guy named Jimmy whose last name starts with an M. I want to say Mulville or something like that. He's just really random and fun. At this point I've seen some of Greg Proops's and Ryan Stiles's earliest performances. It's just so weird to see them looking so young! Ryan has this buzz cut-mullet thing going on. I also saw Greg in a skeleton shirt that was all kinds of kooky.

Just thought I'd share. :D

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Icons [18 Jun 2007|12:43am]

New icons ;)

[09x] Sofia Boutella
[04x] Greg Proops
[05x] Ryan Stiles
[01x] Ryan Stiles & Brad Sherwood
[02x] Ryan Stiles & Drew Carey
[30x] WLIIA? quotes
[53x] WLIIA? screenshots
[12x] WLIIA? re-post


And ofcourse, more of them can be found right here

Icons and wallpapers ;) [19 May 2007|02:21am]

I thought it was time to post a couple of new icons. Not a lot. I also tried to make wallpapers, but i'm not very good in making them. Nonetheless, i promised to share, so here it goes!


[07x] Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US) - group


[01x] David Walliams
[02x] Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood
[01x] Wayne Brady
[01x] Ryan Stiles

[*] No hotlinking
[*] Don't claim as your own
[*] Don't change or alter
[*] Comment and credit when you take one or more of them
[*] Enjoy!

Comment: 100x100 icons & 1024x768 wallpapers



More here
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WLIIA? icons [11 May 2007|02:08pm]

Hi! I'm new, Miriam, 21 years old. And i love WLIIA? I love making icons, so, here are a couple for you guys

[06x] Liv Tyler
[07x] Kate Moss
[10x] Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US) - group
[03x] Wayne Brady
[06x] Ryan Stiles
[05x] Colin Mochrie

[*] No hotlinking
[*] Don't claim as your own
[*] Don't change or alter
[*] Comment and credit when you take one or more of them
[*] Enjoy!

Comment: 100x100 icons


More here


off topic [07 Apr 2007|10:47am]
Hey guys, my first published (poetry) book is now available to buy ($7.50!)

Delirium's Child

I'm so freaking proud of me! This is my dream :)

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